Journal Entry – May 18, 2016

May 18, 2016


Today is my birthday in which I turn a beautiful 44 years young. It would be easy to say “Oh, she’s starting this because her birthday is here.” Just like new year’s resolutions, it will fade. Actually, it being my birthday just happened to be when this came to life. I have been putting this idea together for weeks now. Just like everything else; this project needed planning but honestly, what a more beautiful day to put it together than on my birthday. As I write this, it is 03:43 (3:43 A.M., yes, I will often use a 24-hour clock because that’s the way my household runs) and I am unable to sleep.

The inability to sleep is a pretty common thing for me, often times due to something hurting. Tonight’s case is my wrists and lower back. The wrists and shoulders are a recent development; the back pain on the other hand is old news. I have had lower back pain for years. As I stated in my intro to this blog and page, it started for me almost ten years ago. It’s rare for me to have a day without some sort of pain. Truth is, I can’t remember a day in at the last year that I haven’t hurt somewhere.

Even with the aid of medications, I haven’t ever completely eliminated pain but I have made it tolerable. It’s so sad to think that we learn to except a “tolerable” level of pain as acceptable.  It would probably shock some at the amount of NSAID’s I can consume daily in the attempt achieve that tolerable level of pain. It’s a miracle when I actually have prescription medications. Those are the nights I can sleep for more than a couple of hours at a stretch.

Now, as 04:00 approaches, I finally feel sleepy enough to attempt sleep. I sign off for now, but will write again when I am awake again in a few hours. Until then, I pray you all sweet dreams my friends.

It was well after 09:00 before I was able to get to sleep. This is far too common, unfortunately. I will probably spend the next few days getting little sleep and then crash one night in exhaustion. It does help that I found a natural product that helps ease someone of the pain and I am able to sleep for a few hours at a time. If you have not become familiar with essential oils, you really should. The Deep Blue products through doTERRA are wonderful. I will provide a link below for you to check them out and feel free to ask questions if you’d like but I know they have been a lifesaver to me. They are better than any other topical pain reliever or sports cream I have ever found.

I woke up again around 1500 (3pm) to the cat scratching at my door. I guess my fur child figured I had slept long enough and needed to be paying attention to her. I am glad the humans have a little more understanding. Thankfully, today the pain level is manageable. I don’t have a lack of pain, I can’t remember what it’s like to be pain free, but I don’t feel so bad that I cannot function. I am managing with over the counter anti-inflammatories and essential oils but soon I will head for a hot shower and will see what that will bring. As good as heat feels, it can cause more inflammation.

take on the day

Today I begin. I haven’t really changed much yet. I started with coffee, because I need my coffee. It’s the one thing I can truly say I need. I don’t have much of an appetite, but I did eat a natural breakfast bar which helped. I have not had soda but the exhaustion has not helped my smoking today, however, the smoking is not at the top of my agenda today.

My agenda today is to simply enjoy the day. I have been given this beautiful day, another day to make shine. I will set off to do a few stretches, get in a shower, and put on a smile. The husband and I will make a night out of it; it is my birthday after all.

doTERRA essential oils – Deep Blue –


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