Journal Entry #5- May 22, 2016


Journal Entry – May 22, 2016

Yesterday was a rough day and no journal entry made it to the page. It finally happened, exhaustion. I was able to sleep for a combined 10 hours. The sleep was nice, only problem this much time in bed makes the body hurt. There was nothing much to talk about yesterday anyway; I accomplished pretty much nothing.

Today is better. Luna (my pure black cat) sits over my arm, yes, it is difficult to type with her right there but she doesn’t much care. She’s almost 14 years old; I suppose she can do what she wants. I think she just wants to make sure I don’t have any typos however she keeps falling asleep—not much of an editor. I digress…

This morning I started going through my food products looking at its nutritional values and list of ingredients. I can see where it’s time to make changes in my food choices. Not just for the fat but also sugar contents, which is what sparked my Sugar segment.  I switched to a natural creamer for my coffee rather than the non-dairy fat free one I used that was filled with chemicals. My hope is to help my body by using more natural products.

The pain is lessening today. I am finding improvement in my shoulders and wrists. The more I stretch and do easy exercises in these areas the better it appears they are getting. I have reduced my levels of medication today as well my need for the topical pain relievers, however, my focus has returned to my lower back and hips.

Tomorrow I will begin again the exercises I learned through physical therapy. As I start these, I will begin sharing the most effective ones. They were recommended to by a physical therapist, however, I do not recommend you start any exercise routine without first speaking to your doctor.

I am going to keep today’s entry short and sweet. Love your Sunday and do something that you enjoy!



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