Story of Me – Where I was and how I got here


Post #1 – Decorative Tree Bark Sucks

As promised, I am going to share a little more about myself and by the end you will know much more about me and how I got to where I am to take this challenge.

I lived a normal life, fairly normal childhood, and I was by no means an inactive individual. I have seen my fair share of doctor’s visit for this injury or that but I was lucky — I have never broken a bone.  I have sprained many things, torn ligaments, pulled muscles, but never broken anything. Which surprises me since I am not entirely graceful. I never let it stop me though; I rode my bicycle, danced, played high school sports, and did pretty much whatever I wanted to.

Still, I was one of those people who could do a country line dance and make it look spectacular but turn around and trip over my shoes getting stuck on the carpet. I guess it was just a matter of time before something more serious happened to me then some scraps, bruises, or an occasional sprain happened to me. It finally did when I was about 28 years-old, and when I think back this is when I first started having more problems with pain where I had very little problems with ongoing pain before this happened.

I was having a normal night and heading out to dinner with my then husband (thankful ex now) and his parents. Of course I was the one asked to run in and check the wait time. Whew, I made it to the door safely, however, getting back to the car to report the status of the restaurant I was not so lucky. Somehow, that decorative bark chip stuff that people like to put around the bottom of trees or such, tree bark had made its way on to the concrete sidewalk where I stepped on it, rolled my ankle under me and came down with a nice thud. No one offered assistance and there were people all around and of course my first thought was “did anyone see that?”

I got myself up and my whole body was tingling from the impact of falling. It took a couple of steps before the pain impulses from my left ankle made it too my brain. “Knock, knock up there, umm, I really hurt you dunder head.” I made it to the car before collapsing completely, at which I reported “It’s a 15 minute wait, and I think I just broke my ankle.” I won’t say more about all of that, other than the concern for me was so great my ex-husband and his parents wanted to eat before taking me to the ER; I couldn’t eat I was nauseous from the pain.

After all was said and down, I did not break my ankle but rather tore all three major ligaments in my left ankle. I was in an air cast for three months, but I also started experiencing more pain in my hips and back. It is nowhere near the level of pain I experience now, however this when I started noticing how much easier it was to injury myself, wake up aching, or just hurt. It still wasn’t enough to hinder me from doing whatever I wanted to do; I kept dancing, leading my 4-H troop, working, and chasing around a child. Little did I know this was the beginning.


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