Journal Entry #8-June 4, 2016

Journal Entry – June 4, 2016

It’s been a few days since I posted a journal entry; it’s been a wicked week — even my wrists have been hurting so I haven’t been up to typing as much. Thankfully, the refills on my muscle relaxers have come through and with the help of people who amazingly still love me; I am doing better this evening and able to type. Go me!

Three work projects this week, and they wipe me out every time. However, I am dedicated and will always see my work through regardless of how I am feeling; at least I try to. My wires have gotten crossed and the weekend has been rough but I am hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day. I always remain hopeful that my tomorrows are better. I think it’s important to do that; I have seen what happens when one gives up. I don’t want to be that or end up that way.

I have lost two pounds, reduced my caffeine – still drinking my coffee – but have almost completely eliminated sodas for more water and vitamin water. I have not, unfortunately, maintained my reduction of cigarettes. The more stressed I become, it seems the more I smoke which stresses me out and the cycle goes on BUT I only have two packs of cigarettes left, I am giving myself one more week and then my primary goal is going to become smoke free. It’s one of the hardest habits to break, but I am ready. I just don’t want to smoke anymore. Keep your fingers crossed for me and prayers for my husband and son.

I will post my progress log this week; my goal is to post one every two weeks. I have been doing research for my upcoming vlogs which I think are going to be interesting. I am working on topics I really want to share – chronic pain and the use of alcohol, an overview of chronic pain and depression, and the pain/tobacco connection. I am also putting together info on the importance of your digestive health for weight loss. They are all near and dear to my heart on this journey and maybe they will be helpful for others out there.

Ice pack now on my back, and I am starting to relax. I will say good night for now. May you be blessed.

“With every sunrise you are given a new opportunity to make your life shine. Take on the day and shine!”


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