Progress Log#1 May 19,2016

a work in progress

I am a work in progress

Date: 5/19/16

We are always a work in progress because there is always something to learn. This is where I am today.

What was my declared goal from last week: —

Did I accomplish it?

One change I would like to make by next report: I would like to reduce my cigarettes to 10 a day by next report and not increase my smoking.

This week, I am proud that I: I am proud that I started this challenge and am working to better myself. I am thankful that I can work to make myself healthier and work towards a pain-free life

falls meSTATS

Starting Weight: 268

Today’s Weight: 268

Number of Cigarettes last report: —

Number of Cigarettes today: 16

Medication amount taken last report: —

Medication taken this report: taking 600 mg aspirin per day, 1800 mg of Ibuprofen per day, 15 mg/650mg Percocet, plus use of homeopathic back/leg pills – four per day/Magnilife back/leg pain relief.

Minutes in movement last report:–

Minutes in movement this report: can’t determine for first report

Major nutritional change I have made this week: I have increased my water intake.

Nutritional goal for next week: elimination of sodas/sugary drinks.