My Journey-the Chronic Pain Experiment


Welcome to my blog, the beginning of my experience – experiment. What is this experiment, you ask?  Up until my mid-thirties, I was a relatively healthy and happy young woman until one day an accident happened that changed everything resulting in a back surgery that took me on a wild ride. For a brief time, I lived almost pain-free again. I was normal, however, a couple of falls and injuries later a pain-free life was taken from me once again. It began over again; the doctor’s appointments, tests, injections, etc., but there was always a common thread in the advice of all the medical professionals.

  • Lose weight
  • Quit smoking
  • No alcohol, no caffeine
  • Exercise

Not that these are easy tasks by any means, but can a pain-free life be that easy–simply speaking? I am taking on the challenge! Can this be the answer away from the pills, injections, depression, and sleepless nights? That, my dear friends, is the Chronic Pain Experiment. I will share information about conditions associated with chronic pain, lifestyle tips, health and diet tips, and journal/logs of my progress along the way in my journey through this experiment.

I hope that you will continue to read on; I want to share this journey with you. It is my hope that we will all learn something along the way.

challenges aheadPlease Read Though My Most Recent Posts

“Never look back, just keep moving forward. Looking back will only give you a snapshot of what was but what was has already become part of who you are today. You can’t change it anymore than you can make the water that has spilled from the waterfall go back to up. Just keep moving forward.”


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